" Fiberfab Us is Now Under New Ownership We are Currently Tooling Up To Once Again Offer Factory Complete Cars As Well As Continuing Support Of Vintage Valkyries. Watch for These Exciting New products And New Models. Pictures of our Roadster to be available on this website in the Near future"

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    The SPIRIT of FIBERFAB lives On!

After a long and complicated process,
Fiberfab US is Very Proud to Announce a few Changes!

NOW - Fiberfab US can provide Fantastic New Products, all available for integration to Vintage Valkyrie Cars!
Rolling Chassis's equipped with QA1 Coil-Over Rear Shocks, Tubular Front Suspensions equipped with Coil-Overs and R&P Steering!

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"Headlight Covers and Turn Signal Lenses"

The story of: " We're not the FIBERFAB your father knew!"
We're the FIBERFAB, You & Your Children will grow to know!

Valkyrie Series of Kit Cars Valkyrie Series of Kit Cars Valkyrie Series of Kit Cars
Valkyrie Series of Kit Cars Valkyrie Series of Kit Cars Valkyrie Series of Kit Cars
Since 2003, The FIBERFAB US Company  has focused mainly on one thing...
The VALKYRIE , they are made in Limited Quanities and they are done correctly!
The original valkyrie's were not fiberfab's largest vintage seller(due to cost and complexity),
but they were "The FLAGSHIP of the Fiberfab Line!"
SO, Why not start there....."The other guy's make MG-TD's and DUNEBUGGY's!"
As we see it, Public Interest in the GT40 is growing, foreign replica GT40's are increasing
and with the re-introduction by FORD of their New FORD GT in 2005,
FIBERFAB US feels it's time to re-introduce The VALKYRIE Series of Kitcars!



GEN 2 UMETS Kit's Starting at: $16,250.00 usd
Here is What You Get in our Generation 2 UMETS Kits


Standing the test of time, Cast from Original Molds, The Valkyrie Kitcar, remains an Icon of the Kitcar Industry,
Offering the Enthusiast, Excitement and Grace, Power and Performance in a Revival of Style!
With closer Attention to Detail, Higher Standards and a Various Array of Powertrain Combinations,
the Valkyrie Kitcar is a Viable Alternative to the more expensive GT40 Reproductions.
Classic Early " 2 Piece Body " Style, accents the Upgraded Modern Technology hidden within.
The end result is an Exotically Styled Common-Man's Supercar, at a fraction of the Price other replica's sell for!
Mix and Match Ability is a high point in the Valkyrie Series, whether your a FORD or CHEVY Fan,
Small Block or Big Block, Automatic or Stick Shift.....The Valkyrie is Adaptable to most Combinations!

The GEN 1 Valkyrie Framework is Jig Assembled in Our Proprietary Frame Table for Accuracy. The
Master Pieces (Red Colored) are Pictured here. This Set of Master Pieces are used for Comparison
purposes during the Cutting Procedure of Individual Frame pieces. Although this step in the Fabrication
of your Advanced Valkyrie Framework is redundant, by using this failsafe method, Accuracy and Proper
Fit, are the End Result, and Just one more Assurance of Quality Control at Factory Fiberfab US!

Now AVAILABLE "Complete Body and Rolling Chassis Kit" - Prices starting at: $20,449.00, ask for complete details


Here is a 360 degree Walk Around of the Valkyrie Frontend Components!

Note: Please Be Patient while slide show appears, "Thank-You"

For Information on the VALKYRIE SERIES of Kitcars, Please E-Mail: sales@fiberfab.us

Due to the Considerable Response to our website, and Numerous Requests for More Information
we have added the below "Link", in which Current information and Future Material
that has not yet gone to print will be posted!
Frequently Asked Questions
Additional Available Information

FIBERFAB US Is now accepting orders for Printed Promotional Materials.
CONTACT Our Sales Department At (360) 329-2781  for Printed Information.

Due to the Overwhelming Response to The VALKYRIE Series Re-Introduction,
projections indicate that Sales Requests will Out Number Production estimates!
FIBERFAB US Announces Ownership Pre-Registration Opportunity!
Pre-Registration Program

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